Facebook Quotes by a Facebook Addict

Addiction to social networks is common these days, but facebook is the most freakishly addictive of all the social networks existing on the internet. Being a facebook addict since the last one & half years I have written some quotes on facebook which I have posted as my status updates in the past and some other quotes which I plan to post as my statuses in the future. These are my original creation and not copied from anywhere (Hope someone is listening :P ).

    • “Who you are on facebook is not who you are outside”
    • “Is there any rehabilitation program for facebook addiction ?” :D
    • “To make a person look silly on facebook, all you need to do is start a long conversation on his status thru’ comments and at the end delete all your comments, Try it !!! :P

    • “I am planning to by a gun if I receive one more Farmville, Cityville or Mafia Wars request”
    • “I am not addicted to facebook, I am just busy testing a famous Harvard University project by a  student called Mark Zuckerberg, and my conclusion is that it suffers from a lot of spamming issues” :P
    • “Sometimes I feel that I’m like a charity that distributes “LIKE” on facebook !!”
    • “It is my experience on facebook that whenever anyone sets his/her relationship status in the profile maximum number of comments are made on that wall post “
    • “A status a day keeps dislike’s away !! “
    • “The worst part of facebook is when 2 people start conversing on your status, and also when you are tagged in a photo with 50 other people !!” :D
    • “The biggest sin on facebook is ‘liking’ you own comment”
    • “I don’t understand why some people use the inappropriate version of LOL viz “lolzzzzz”, it is like falling asleep after Laughing Out Loud, LOL+zzzzzzzzz… ” :D :D
    • Some guy with a mind for trivia, wants to know what’s mine compares to his, but I am gonna buy a gun, if he sends me another f***ng movie quiz”. These are actually lyrics from “Facebook is a stupid idiot” song..! :D
    • Can someone write a tutorial on “What to do on facebook..??”
    • I found a facebook profile in which a guy has “Munaf Patel”  and “Ashish Nehra” as his favorite athletes..!! ha ha..! LOL :D.” My apologies to both Munaf and Ashish for this status because this one was actually posted after India lost against South Africa. In the end both of them turned out to be the World Cup Heroes. :)
    • “Facebook is a place where you will get 10 likes and 20 comments on a status update : “Leave Me Alone” :P :D”
    • “This one issued in public interest : “Attention my facebook friends, no one is gonna give u free facebook T-Shirt (I don’t understand why people want one) and also no one is going to allow you to track visitors to your profile, stop posting this bullshit things in my news feed. I got 20 notifications today morning, 15 of which were spam..!! I wish I could Kill those who created such spam apps..!! :(
    • “Being a victim to spam applications on facebook makes a facebook user look like a पढ़ा लिखा गँवार “
    • “Sharing someone links without liking them are bad manners on facebook”

    • “I wonder if there is any FBI interrogation going on on facebook because people are asking and answering to many questions”

So these were the quotes which I have created, If you really liked my blog please feel free to share this post and also check out my fan page by clicking here. Keep Smiling !! :)