Automatically Play Subtitles on Media Player Classic


Movies in foreign languages can often lead to only visual pleasure and so we download the subtitles to make them understandable.
Downloading the subtitles from a website by typing the movie name on google and then searching for it, downloading them and then if those subtitles don’t work it can be a touch frustrating.

Here is a trick or rather I should say a feature unexplained through which we can automatically download and play subtitles on Media Player Classic also known as K-Lite Kodec pack.

Here is the process:

  • Firstly open Media Player Classic and navigate to View–>Options, and then under the playback menu on left select Output option.
  • Now in the Output option select VMR9(renderless) option and save the changes.
  • Now in the Option window Under the Subtitles option select Database and in the base URL box paste this string:
  • Now save and apply all the changes.
  • Open the movie of which you want subtitles and go to File–>Subtitle Database–>Download.
  • A list of subtitles in various languages will be displayed, select the language in which you want and click Download & open.
  • If one of the subtitles don’t work you can always select some other subtitles in the same language by following the previous step.