Vandalism from Crybabies


Just read the news on India Today about the incident involving the australian athletes. As it is said: “Jealousy leads to Anger and both of them eat a man away” and this incident particularly shows the mentality of foreign people about the indian’s.

I would like to give an example of the website called Omegle which allows chatting with strangers from around the world. While chatting on this website as soon as you type your location as India 70% of the time you will be disconnected by the other persons. This just makes me wonder sometimes that are we like monsters or aliens having “DO AANKHE BAARAAH HAATH”. I being an Indian am proud that I have taken birth in this country and I’m sure each and every Indian feels the same then why is this happening..??, why people cannot tolerate our success at any level..??

Now, the issue of vandalism in commonwealth games by australian athletes clearly determines their quarrelsome attitude and immature mentality,  be it the Symonds-Bhajji case or racial attacks on Indians.Reports say that they were angry because Australia lost the test series against India and also were protesting against the Great man Sachin Tendulkar. Throwing off a washing machine from the 8th floor isn’t going to help their cause because that was not Sachin Tendulkar’s washing machine nor it was the case that they would have got the Border-Gavaskar trophy back by doing these acts.

The Australian High Commission said that they were just “spirited celebration’s” & I think they are saying so because the australian athletes must have been in High Spirits i.e. Drunk :D. I say that the Indian authorities should consider this matter seriously(“Ek Ek Washing Machine ka Hisaab Lena Chahiye” :D) but at the same time I don’t think they are going to do that because our government failed to do anything regarding those Racial attacks which was a matter of supreme importance than this one.

Anyways, with the exception of politics Indian’s are really moving forward in every field be it sports or technology. With India winning the Test series against Australia and also performing really well in the common wealth games we have put our foot in the closing doors and we have announced ourselves at the world stage.


Cheers..!!! 😀

Note: Special mention to all the Indian athletes in commonwealth games..!! Thanks a lot for making our nation proud.