How to Create your own Radio Station..??

Hello readers, as by now you might have come to know that I am fond of doing funny things on the Internet, so in this post I will tell you how to create your own radio station in Windows using a website called Shoutcast.

Firstly, there are some preliminary requirements that you need to fulfill for creating your own radio station:

  • You must have the latest version of Winamp installed on your system. If you don’t have it you can download it here.
  • Your internet speed should be at least 25 kbps to start streaming.

First of all download all the 4 tools given on this page:

Now after you have downloaded, install the SHOUTcast DNAS 1.9.8 and also the SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp.

After installing both the tools mentioned above, you need to edit the Shoutcast DNAS Configuration file, you can find it in Start–>SHOUTcast DNAS–>Edit SHOUTcast DNAS configuration.

Open this file and just look for these three fields which are usually surrounded by rectangles :

  • MaxUser=32; this field determines the maximum number of listeners your station can have, maximum permissible value is 50, so if you want you can change it to 50 by replacing the value 32 by 50.
  • Password=changeme; this field is your password and the default password provided to you is “changeme” so better change it to one that you want bye replacing the “changeme” by password of your choice.
  • PortBase=8000; this is your port number which by default is 8000, if you don’t have any other service running on your system on port 8000 then don’t change it. Otherwise, change the value to any other port.

After you have finished editing the configuration file don’t forget to save it.

After doing this, open Winamp and press Ctrl-P, a Winamp preferences window will open up, select DSP Effect under Plugins, and just select the Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v1.9.1.
After selecting this, a new window will open up by the name SHOUTcast source having four tabs Main, Output, Encoder, Input, now follow these steps:

  • Select the Encoder Tab, and select Encoder 1, and also select Encoder type as MP3 encoder from the drop down list.
  • Now in the Output Tab, change the password to the one you edited in the SHOUTcast DNAS Configuration file, by default the port number is 8000 but In case you changed it in the SHOUTcast DNAS Configuration file then set the port number to the one in your SHOUTcast DNAS Configuration file. Also select Encoder as 1 from the drop down list.
  • After this Go to Start–>SHOUTcast–>SHOUTcasr DNAS(GUI), a window will open up with the title Server Monitor.
  • Now go back to winamp and open a song and play it, and now in that SHOUTcast Source window having those four tabs select the output tab and press Connect.
  • Now in the Status if you see the data sent changing then your radio station has started, you can make your friends listen to the songs that you are playing by giving them the link of the type: http://(Your-IP-Address):(Port number)/listen.pls

You can find your IP address here and your port number by default shall be 8000 but if you have changed it in the configuration file put in the changed number.

That’s it you are done..!! 😀

If you have any problems in installation and Settings comment me, and until my next post Keep Smiling..!! 😀