“Indian Impression”

“Incredible India” – This is the word that we use to describe our nation, and almost all the people including myself are proud that we are living in such a great country which is possessed with rich  cultural heritage. “Unity in Diversity” is another term which can be used to describe the same. Actually there are two different perspectives through which people from outside make an impression about our country, and these two impressions are generally some of the examples that they have experienced involving India. Below are some of the experiences that I encountered I think are responsible for the mentality of foreign people about our country.

Positive Impact

The positive impact that our country is having on the world can be attributed to our cultural heritage. “India’s Soft Power” as Shashi Tharoor called it in a speech on “TED – Ideas Worth Spreading“. Based upon my experiences in chat rooms on Paltalk I came to know that the people from abroad are fascinated about the Indian Film Industry a.k.a Bollywood. I met two Russian people in an audio chat room and surprisingly one of them knew everything about “Mithun Chakraborty ” but he didn’t hear anything about “Amitabh Bachhan” (Shocking Isn’t it..??). Also I have met few people who exclaim the word “WoW” as soon as I tell them that I am from India. So that’s the positive influence that our country is having on the people from abroad.

Negative Impact

But what I came across while chatting with people from around the world that many of them are holding a negative image about Indian’s in their mind. Of course there are a few exceptions amongst people who don’t make differences between people on the basis of country. As I explained in one of my previous posts that while chatting on a website called as Omegle, which is for chatting with random people from around the world, it can be observed that whenever you tell your location as India to the other person, 70 % of the time the person at the other end will disconnect. I don’t know what is the reason behind it, nor I can ask them the reason because they have disconnected the conversation.
Also I met a person in an audio chat room on PalTalk just a couple of months ago, He was boasting all these rubbish things about “India”. He was calling India as a country of poor people occupied with lots and lots of people, he told that India had poor facilities of water and lacked resources for sustaining hygienic living. In short,he was continuously criticizing our country. He belonged to a country called “Kurdishland”, which I have never heard about and I am sure that many of you might have not heard about it. I was so frustrated with the continuous Bull Shit that he was speaking that when I got the microphone to speak I told him to Shut Up and told him “The F*** Word”. To my surprise I found that the room admin bounced me from the room rather than bouncing that person who was mumbling that shit about my country.



For the Negative impression about India I blame the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” because the events shown in the movie like blinding the children and making them beg on the streets don’t happen in India. It’s a totally wrong thing that was shown in that movie and as it was a popular movie and even won the Academy Award so many people developed that impression about India. Even I heard actors and other famous personalities  criticizing that movie for this particular scene. Believe me, I am tired of explaining strangers that things like these don’t happen  and also requesting them to not to develop that image about India. But I feel that I am alone in spreading this message because the movie has got a lot of fans. :(. So My personal request to Mr.Danny Boyle to remove that scene from the movie. But at the same time I don’t think this is going to happen. 😦


I would like to end this article with a quote (not written by me) that signifies Unity in Diversity in India:

Punjab for Fighting, Bengal for Writing, Kashmir for Beauty, Andhra for Duty, Rajasthan for History, Maharashtra for Victory, Mysore for Silk, Haryana for Milk, Nagaland for Hills, Uttar Pradesh for Mills, Orissa for Temples, Bihar for Minerals, Kerala for Brains, and Tamil Nadu for Grains, Oh..!! What a beautiful India..!! ” 🙂


Keep Smiling..!! 🙂