Countdown To World Cup 2011

The Biggest Cricketing Event which is held once in every four years will be on the floor about 1 month from now and no surprises that it is going to be a massive success because it is going to be played in a group of countries where Cricket is a religion. It will be a wonderful atmosphere in the Indian subcontinent when people of all the ages, both the sexes gather together to experience some really fascinating cricketing action.

Without a doubt I expect the cricket matches in the World Cup to be dominated by the batsmen because the pitches in India are graveyard for bowlers, although the wickets in Sri Lanka always have had a little bit of juice in them for faster bowlers but I suspect whether it is going to be there in the world cup because these days crowds gather into the ground to see some hard hitting by the batsmen. Gone are the days when even 200 used to be the winning total in ODI’s, these days it is almost impossible to defend a score below 300 mostly when it is played in the sub-continental conditions.

Almost all teams have announced there squad by now and without a doubt I think the 3 sub-continental teams : India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are the prime contenders for winning the world cup this time around. The Indian squad for the world cup was announced today and the inclusion of Piyush Chawla and Munaf Patel surprised a few people including me. Firstly, talking about Piyush Chawla, I think that being and inexperienced leg-spinner it will be difficult for him because leg spin demands much more control rather than off spin bowling. The selectors must have compensated by including another fast bowler because Indian team has a lot of part time spin bowlers who can rush through their overs pretty quickly. Secondly, Munaf Patel’s inclusion was surprising to me because he hardly has performed well in ODI’s in Indian Conditions. Although he did win the “Man of the Match” award in the last game but that game was played in South African conditions which are extremely different from the Indian conditions. Also I think pace on the ball is the key in the world cup because Indian conditions do not offer swing and seam movement for medium pace bowlers.

Finally talking about my favorites to win the World Cup I will definitely put my money on India and Sri Lanka because they have the home advantage. But at the same time you cannot underestimate any Australian and South African side’s mainly because ofย  their ability to give their 100 percent efforts on the field. So, it is going to be a tough contest, hope that India win it.

Cheers..! ๐Ÿ™‚