Mixed Bag..!!

The last week has been a mixed bag of different events, on one hand the entire nation is celebrating India’s World Cup Triumph, then the fast until death by Anna Hazare, and also some anger management problems with me in the last 2-3 days.

Taking one at a time, first was India’s World Cup victory after 28 years, I couldn’t explain how happy I am and also proud of  Indian Cricket team just because they gave 1 billion people a reason to smile and celebrate. India’s entire campaign during the world cup was worth appreciating, first Australia, then Pakistan and in the finals Sri Lanka, the Men in Blue truly deserved the victory. The entire nation was mad in celebrations, from politicians to film actors all of them rejoicing this wonderful ocassion. And of course my facebook friends stopped posting shitty things about Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni and admired his leadership. I am running out of adjectives to describe my feeling towards India winning the World Cup.

Cheers for the “Men in Blue”..!! \m/



Now stumbling onto the second big event last week which caught everyone’s attention(and it had to) was Anna Hazare’s fast until death till his demands for the passing of “Jan Lokpal Bill” and therefore removing corruption permanently are met. Must say that was very brave of him seeing the way the government functions in India and got to admire the courage of the man. It sparked a revolution across entire nation and celebrities and film stars also supported him for his brave move. Well I am too lazy to type and write about the entire bill(please google it) so I will move onto the things which I noticed during this event. First thing that I noticed was that the Indian government doesn’t do anything until someone like Anna Hazare stands up for to fight against them. Second thing I don’t understand is the fact that : “How the hell will Liking pages on facebook regarding Anna Hazare’s fast is going to help support him for this particular cause..??”. Most of my friends did that and I didn’t get the reason why..?? If they want to show their support I think they should better go and fast with him, point to ponder isn’t it..?? Anyways I was happy that in the end the government vowed down to his demands.



At last, talking about my personal life, I am sick listening my friends abuse so much without any reason. Not all of them but especially 3 of them. Although I feel it is alright with a little bit of it, I mean if you say anything to an individual he will take it as a joke, but if you make some remarks about their parents then it shouldn’t be tolerated. That is what happened two days ago during group chat  on facebook when a friend of mine suddenly started some remarks about my parents, I lost my temper and wrote him too much of dirty abusive words. The next day things were back to normal and that very guy started talking to me as if nothing happened. I just thought whether is it really required in today’s world to kick some asses in order to make people behave normally with you..?? But this thing didn’t end here, the next day the same guy was abusing some other guy, WTF I said, I am really sick of this shit..!!

By the way I am coming towards the end of my college days, so I will write a post about some memorable moments of my college life in the next post. Keep Smiling..!! 🙂