William Munny

Clint Eastwood is known to be one of the greatest actors and directors in Hollywood. He really brings the character alive just by the way he acts in movies. Although I haven’t seen much of Clint Eastwood but when I watched his movie Unforgiven,  his role as “William Munny” in the movie touched me. He plays the role of an old man in the movie who used to be a gunfighter, a drunkard and a killer in his young days, but then after getting married and with forcefulness from his wife he turns into a farmer and pledges never to touch guns and alcohol again. Even after his wife passes away he still insists to be a farmer and not break the promise that he gave to his wife.

But when he is asked for help to kill 3 people who wounded a woman in the village, he and his friend Ned (Morgan Freeman) decide to kill those 3 people which gives the sense that they want to fight against wrong doing. In the end of the movie when another dacoit in the village kills his friend Ned, then William turns insane and literally shoots 6 people alone. While leaving the village he promises everyone that if anybody does anything to women in the village then he would surely kill them and also their wives and childrens.

Now what I liked about that character was his response to the cruelty that the world imposed on him. He had attained the path of redemption and had promised that he would never touch guns and alcohol again but then circumstances in the outside world force him to turn into an evil again.

At last I would say that it really was a remarkable performance by him in that movie. Also if you are a movie buff like me and my friend Abhishek then do join our page for Hollywood fans :