Disaster Week

A series of unfortunate events is what I experienced two weeks ago. It seems as if the entire world was conspiring against me. Although that conspiracy wasn’t confined to personal or social life but it was related to my internet addiction. I was always a facebook & internet addict as you can make out from my previous post, and you can only experience my pain if you are the same.

So what happened was that one morning i went to my college just to complete some degree formalities and I thought it would be a wise idea to keep a movie on download while I was out to college. So put the movie “Rear Window” which is a classic on download. It usually takes me 6 hours on average to download a movie because internet speeds in India suck big time. So I left for college thinking that I will be able to watch the movie in the evening.
It took me a little longer to return from my college and when i returned back and checked out my computer, the CPU smelled like something was burning inside it. The modem was blown up and so was CPU and I wasn’t able to turn both of them ON. It happened because I don’t use UPS with my PC and during monsoon there is a lot of voltage fluctuation in my city. So I called my vendor and he told me that he would fix the CPU and return it next day in the evening.
The time away from internet was really full of boredom as I have nothing to do these days because I am waiting for my joining date of my job. So the next day in the evening my CPU returned. But that was not the end of the story, as soon as I turned on my CPU after 2 mins my Monitor started smelling like something was burning within it and turned off. So I gave the monitor to my vendor again and it took him 3 days to fix it and I also brought a UPS to avoid such things in future.
But that is not the end of the story, as soon as I started my PC hoping that it would work fine now, the power went off and didn’t return until I was asleep.

Further, the next morning when I started my computer the internet connection went down. It was as if some devil is after me and willing to make me suffer :D. Finally everything was fine in the evening and it was an end of  a stressful week which didn’t involve any work. 😀