Can’t think of a Title

It’s been ages since I last wrote something on my blog.. curse my lazy ass for it, to be honest i even thought once about deleting my site but don’t worry not-so-enthusiastic readers I am not gonna do that and hence forth I will let you suffer by making you read this 3:)
Well really I don’t think anyone’s gonna read this so I am just writing this because I have a lot of time to kill at present. After logging in into my wordpress account I”ve noticed that people are really eager to establish an internet radio station and also read quotes on facebook addiction, both ofย  those posts have the maximum page views.
So things have really changed a lot. I have grown into a Pro hollywood movie freak and I still loathe some indian actors and directors as they cannot match international standards of film-making. These is an other side to it though, some directors in India really think out of the box and I guess future of the Indian film industry lies in their hands. I am almost tired taking a rest and I have to do that because my joining date which was set to be 2nd Feb has now been postponed to 19th March, Chennai. Each day now seems to end in frustration and I am desperate to get my meter down in my job by joining my first company on 19th March ๐Ÿ™‚
I hope you guys have come across the new funny stuff called meme faces on the internet, I really find them hilarious as they explain real life situations through cartoons and funny faces. That’s my daily dose of laughter these days along with new internet sensation website 9Gag. I think I don’t have any readers and also blogging doesn’t excite me much now so I can’t be sure when will I write my next post or whether I will write it at all or not.