Mr. Finch


Finished reading Harper Lee’s only novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” a couple of months back, though I had already seen the film but as a wise man once said “Never judge a book by it’s movie” and perhaps that quote works both ways. I must say I am totally astonished by the brilliance with which the author has penned down and integrated different themes of prejudice, innocence and human dignity. It makes you explore the dark side of living in within the social standards, the standards which unknowingly take the form of prejudice in human behaviour.
Also, one cannot help but respect Atticus Finch’s remarkable belief in righteousness, even though it is against the society. Mr. Finch is a character to look up to.

Although, I don’t wanna reveal the plot if you haven’t read the novel yet but there is one particular scene that I loved the most and it was extremely well-written. The scene is when Bob Ewell, the culprit’s father spits on Atticus Finch’s face in the street, but Finch remains unruffled and doesn’t do anything. Bob Ewell than says – “To proud to fight you nigger lover”, and Mr.Finch replies – “No..Too Old”.

So, if you haven’t read the novel yet do not waste your time reading this post and start reading it soon. Good Bye for now.