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  • Aniruddh 10:59 am on June 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Mr. Finch 


    Finished reading Harper Lee’s only novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” a couple of months back, though I had already seen the film but as a wise man once said “Never judge a book by it’s movie” and perhaps that quote works both ways. I must say I am totally astonished by the brilliance with which the author has penned down and integrated different themes of prejudice, innocence and human dignity. It makes you explore the dark side of living in within the social standards, the standards which unknowingly take the form of prejudice in human behaviour.
    Also, one cannot help but respect Atticus Finch’s remarkable belief in righteousness, even though it is against the society. Mr. Finch is a character to look up to.

    Although, I don’t wanna reveal the plot if you haven’t read the novel yet but there is one particular scene that I loved the most and it was extremely well-written. The scene is when Bob Ewell, the culprit’s father spits on Atticus Finch’s face in the street, but Finch remains unruffled and doesn’t do anything. Bob Ewell than says – “To proud to fight you nigger lover”, and Mr.Finch replies – “No..Too Old”.

    So, if you haven’t read the novel yet do not waste your time reading this post and start reading it soon. Good Bye for now.

  • Aniruddh 9:12 pm on February 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Can’t think of a Title 

    It’s been ages since I last wrote something on my blog.. curse my lazy ass for it, to be honest i even thought once about deleting my site but don’t worry not-so-enthusiastic readers I am not gonna do that and hence forth I will let you suffer by making you read this 3:)
    Well really I don’t think anyone’s gonna read this so I am just writing this because I have a lot of time to kill at present. After logging in into my wordpress account I”ve noticed that people are really eager to establish an internet radio station and also read quotes on facebook addiction, both of  those posts have the maximum page views.
    So things have really changed a lot. I have grown into a Pro hollywood movie freak and I still loathe some indian actors and directors as they cannot match international standards of film-making. These is an other side to it though, some directors in India really think out of the box and I guess future of the Indian film industry lies in their hands. I am almost tired taking a rest and I have to do that because my joining date which was set to be 2nd Feb has now been postponed to 19th March, Chennai. Each day now seems to end in frustration and I am desperate to get my meter down in my job by joining my first company on 19th March 🙂
    I hope you guys have come across the new funny stuff called meme faces on the internet, I really find them hilarious as they explain real life situations through cartoons and funny faces. That’s my daily dose of laughter these days along with new internet sensation website 9Gag. I think I don’t have any readers and also blogging doesn’t excite me much now so I can’t be sure when will I write my next post or whether I will write it at all or not.

    • Bikram 9:27 pm on February 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      All the best with the first job .. Just a few more days and then it will all be fine ..

      take care

  • Aniruddh 12:15 am on August 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Disaster Week 

    A series of unfortunate events is what I experienced two weeks ago. It seems as if the entire world was conspiring against me. Although that conspiracy wasn’t confined to personal or social life but it was related to my internet addiction. I was always a facebook & internet addict as you can make out from my previous post, and you can only experience my pain if you are the same.

    So what happened was that one morning i went to my college just to complete some degree formalities and I thought it would be a wise idea to keep a movie on download while I was out to college. So put the movie “Rear Window” which is a classic on download. It usually takes me 6 hours on average to download a movie because internet speeds in India suck big time. So I left for college thinking that I will be able to watch the movie in the evening.
    It took me a little longer to return from my college and when i returned back and checked out my computer, the CPU smelled like something was burning inside it. The modem was blown up and so was CPU and I wasn’t able to turn both of them ON. It happened because I don’t use UPS with my PC and during monsoon there is a lot of voltage fluctuation in my city. So I called my vendor and he told me that he would fix the CPU and return it next day in the evening.
    The time away from internet was really full of boredom as I have nothing to do these days because I am waiting for my joining date of my job. So the next day in the evening my CPU returned. But that was not the end of the story, as soon as I turned on my CPU after 2 mins my Monitor started smelling like something was burning within it and turned off. So I gave the monitor to my vendor again and it took him 3 days to fix it and I also brought a UPS to avoid such things in future.
    But that is not the end of the story, as soon as I started my PC hoping that it would work fine now, the power went off and didn’t return until I was asleep.

    Further, the next morning when I started my computer the internet connection went down. It was as if some devil is after me and willing to make me suffer :D. Finally everything was fine in the evening and it was an end of  a stressful week which didn’t involve any work. 😀


  • Aniruddh 2:14 am on April 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Mixed Bag..!! 

    The last week has been a mixed bag of different events, on one hand the entire nation is celebrating India’s World Cup Triumph, then the fast until death by Anna Hazare, and also some anger management problems with me in the last 2-3 days.

    Taking one at a time, first was India’s World Cup victory after 28 years, I couldn’t explain how happy I am and also proud of  Indian Cricket team just because they gave 1 billion people a reason to smile and celebrate. India’s entire campaign during the world cup was worth appreciating, first Australia, then Pakistan and in the finals Sri Lanka, the Men in Blue truly deserved the victory. The entire nation was mad in celebrations, from politicians to film actors all of them rejoicing this wonderful ocassion. And of course my facebook friends stopped posting shitty things about Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni and admired his leadership. I am running out of adjectives to describe my feeling towards India winning the World Cup.

    Cheers for the “Men in Blue”..!! \m/



    Now stumbling onto the second big event last week which caught everyone’s attention(and it had to) was Anna Hazare’s fast until death till his demands for the passing of “Jan Lokpal Bill” and therefore removing corruption permanently are met. Must say that was very brave of him seeing the way the government functions in India and got to admire the courage of the man. It sparked a revolution across entire nation and celebrities and film stars also supported him for his brave move. Well I am too lazy to type and write about the entire bill(please google it) so I will move onto the things which I noticed during this event. First thing that I noticed was that the Indian government doesn’t do anything until someone like Anna Hazare stands up for to fight against them. Second thing I don’t understand is the fact that : “How the hell will Liking pages on facebook regarding Anna Hazare’s fast is going to help support him for this particular cause..??”. Most of my friends did that and I didn’t get the reason why..?? If they want to show their support I think they should better go and fast with him, point to ponder isn’t it..?? Anyways I was happy that in the end the government vowed down to his demands.



    At last, talking about my personal life, I am sick listening my friends abuse so much without any reason. Not all of them but especially 3 of them. Although I feel it is alright with a little bit of it, I mean if you say anything to an individual he will take it as a joke, but if you make some remarks about their parents then it shouldn’t be tolerated. That is what happened two days ago during group chat  on facebook when a friend of mine suddenly started some remarks about my parents, I lost my temper and wrote him too much of dirty abusive words. The next day things were back to normal and that very guy started talking to me as if nothing happened. I just thought whether is it really required in today’s world to kick some asses in order to make people behave normally with you..?? But this thing didn’t end here, the next day the same guy was abusing some other guy, WTF I said, I am really sick of this shit..!!

    By the way I am coming towards the end of my college days, so I will write a post about some memorable moments of my college life in the next post. Keep Smiling..!! 🙂

    • Bikram 5:13 pm on April 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I jsut wish and hope that as the nation was ONE with the TEAM INDIA.. the same way it GETS ONE against this corruption and brings about a change ..
      If we can get together on a Game given to us by foreigners and play and support it like this then WHY CANT WE Get together for the future or OUT OWN COUNTRY for ourself and for the generations ot come …


  • Aniruddh 12:57 pm on January 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: foreign mentality, , omegle   

    “Indian Impression” 

    “Incredible India” – This is the word that we use to describe our nation, and almost all the people including myself are proud that we are living in such a great country which is possessed with rich  cultural heritage. “Unity in Diversity” is another term which can be used to describe the same. Actually there are two different perspectives through which people from outside make an impression about our country, and these two impressions are generally some of the examples that they have experienced involving India. Below are some of the experiences that I encountered I think are responsible for the mentality of foreign people about our country.

    Positive Impact

    The positive impact that our country is having on the world can be attributed to our cultural heritage. “India’s Soft Power” as Shashi Tharoor called it in a speech on “TED – Ideas Worth Spreading“. Based upon my experiences in chat rooms on Paltalk I came to know that the people from abroad are fascinated about the Indian Film Industry a.k.a Bollywood. I met two Russian people in an audio chat room and surprisingly one of them knew everything about “Mithun Chakraborty ” but he didn’t hear anything about “Amitabh Bachhan” (Shocking Isn’t it..??). Also I have met few people who exclaim the word “WoW” as soon as I tell them that I am from India. So that’s the positive influence that our country is having on the people from abroad.

    Negative Impact

    But what I came across while chatting with people from around the world that many of them are holding a negative image about Indian’s in their mind. Of course there are a few exceptions amongst people who don’t make differences between people on the basis of country. As I explained in one of my previous posts that while chatting on a website called as Omegle, which is for chatting with random people from around the world, it can be observed that whenever you tell your location as India to the other person, 70 % of the time the person at the other end will disconnect. I don’t know what is the reason behind it, nor I can ask them the reason because they have disconnected the conversation.
    Also I met a person in an audio chat room on PalTalk just a couple of months ago, He was boasting all these rubbish things about “India”. He was calling India as a country of poor people occupied with lots and lots of people, he told that India had poor facilities of water and lacked resources for sustaining hygienic living. In short,he was continuously criticizing our country. He belonged to a country called “Kurdishland”, which I have never heard about and I am sure that many of you might have not heard about it. I was so frustrated with the continuous Bull Shit that he was speaking that when I got the microphone to speak I told him to Shut Up and told him “The F*** Word”. To my surprise I found that the room admin bounced me from the room rather than bouncing that person who was mumbling that shit about my country.



    For the Negative impression about India I blame the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” because the events shown in the movie like blinding the children and making them beg on the streets don’t happen in India. It’s a totally wrong thing that was shown in that movie and as it was a popular movie and even won the Academy Award so many people developed that impression about India. Even I heard actors and other famous personalities  criticizing that movie for this particular scene. Believe me, I am tired of explaining strangers that things like these don’t happen  and also requesting them to not to develop that image about India. But I feel that I am alone in spreading this message because the movie has got a lot of fans. :(. So My personal request to Mr.Danny Boyle to remove that scene from the movie. But at the same time I don’t think this is going to happen. 😦


    I would like to end this article with a quote (not written by me) that signifies Unity in Diversity in India:

    Punjab for Fighting, Bengal for Writing, Kashmir for Beauty, Andhra for Duty, Rajasthan for History, Maharashtra for Victory, Mysore for Silk, Haryana for Milk, Nagaland for Hills, Uttar Pradesh for Mills, Orissa for Temples, Bihar for Minerals, Kerala for Brains, and Tamil Nadu for Grains, Oh..!! What a beautiful India..!! ” 🙂


    Keep Smiling..!! 🙂

    • zradar 10:46 pm on January 5, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      the last quote is too good.. esp since am from kerala :0)

    • Rahul Pandey 8:25 am on January 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Regarding Omegle, I tried it out and here are my observations:
      1) Many Indian use it. I chatted the most with Indians and more on it later.
      2)The Russians and Chinese use it to find some one to learn english from and I did help both of them.
      3) Indonesians know who is SRK and jai ho! . 🙂
      4) Indians are the most abundant species in the world who can speak english and now a days have significant Internet access. Hence they are found mostly everywhere. And Indians use Omegle (why didn’t that boy chose some other name instead Omegle??) extensively and mostly it is males looking for females. Imagine that you get to chat with americans most of the time – at one point of time it would become uninteresting for you and hence it is one of the reasons that the other person disconnects. Moreover when you have an Indian on the other end he too many disconnect as he is looking for some female.
      Consider this:
      -> When you have some one asking asl, just put *m* and nothing else and still you’ll have significant no. of disconnects.
      -> When you have someone asking m/f? or something similar try something in matru bhasha i.e. Hindi and you’ll know how many Indians are there. I tried “chal ja yahan se”, “bhad mein ja” and others.
      -> The British find my English better than many other British
      -> Most of the girls are either 16 or 19.
      Well, thats it, I am too tired to comment further ( 😉 ) but will return for the Indian part in the later part of the Negative Impression.
      – Rahul

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